This web site is a brief and newly constructed casual informational about the artist and astronomer Mark Seibold, native of Portland Oregon in the United States, born August 15th, 1954.


Although not an entire historical chapter, possibly still under construction, it is a quick sample and confluence of many of his works since childhood, dabbling in many arts mediums and sciences, self taught and minimal art school class time. Teaching as an astronomy adjunct professor for a term at a local university in Portland; many of the art works are recent large pastel sketches done from direct observation through his astronomy telescopes and while spending much time on public sidewalks providing observational astronomy for thousands of hours with the public and schools across the US~Canadian continent in 2000 and several trips to the Fiji Islands in 2003 ~ 2004. Larger images of the pastel works are linked in text under the thumbnail images when clicked on. Most of the large pastel sketches are on 20” X 25” format black pastel paper and left as un-mounted for the purpose of maximum viewing during lectures. The award winning photography is largely in 12” X 18” wet process photographic prints and mounted with matt and framed in 18” X 24”.


The artworks are not necessarily for sale although many have been commissioned for use in calendars, a music CD cover in London, published in international astronomy magazines, various astronomy club news letters, personal requests for display and lectures, yet a possible new book is now in the making to accompany his lectures; as non-profit for educational needs at schools, universities, astronomy observatories and science institutions. Feel free to contact the artist for lecture arrangements.


Please feel free to leave comments or contact the artist at the provided email links as all artists require feedback and love criticism.


All artists are performing artists as we are all born artists - M 2001